The six dimensions of social-media-literate leadership

I haven’t blogged on DigiToro for a month now, I have a good excuse with the early arrival of Noah Maxwell Byrne. A surprise coming five weeks early, but an amazing surprise.

In an earlier blog post, I stated that social media is changing how we connect, share and collaborate. Early ‘enterprise’ adopters are already reaping the rewards, its time for our business to engage in new ways with customers, employees, vendors and partners.

I wanted to continue this conversation on ‘Enterprise Social Media’ and I will blog in detail with my own thoughts and advice shortly, but for now, I stumbled across this article and sometimes a pitcure does all the talking. I found this while reading The McKinsey Quartely – FEBRUARY 2013 – Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton.

“Social media requires the ability to create compelling, engaging multimedia content. Leaders need to excel at cocreation and collaboration—the currencies of the social-media world. Executives must understand the nature of different social-media tools and the unruly forces they can unleash.”

A pie chart worth keeping.  I love the needed split between the personal level and the strategic / organisational level.

The six dimensions of social-media-literate leadership.

The six dimensions of social-media-literate leadership.

“Organizations that develop a critical mass of leaders who master the six dimensions of organizational media literacy will have a brighter future. They will be more creative, innovative, and agile. They will attract and retain better talent, as well as tap deeper into the capabilities and ideas of their employees and stakeholders. They will be more effective in collaborating across internal and external boundaries and enjoy a higher degree of global integration. They will benefit from tighter and more loyal customer relationships and from the brand equity that comes with them. They will be more likely to play leading roles in their industries by better leveraging the capabilities of their partners and alliances in cocreation, codevelopment, and overall industry collaboration. And they will be more likely to create new business models that capitalize on the potential of evolving communications technologies.”

I will have a new post with my own content shortly.

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