From years of writing business, marketing and digital marketing plans, the evolution of my approach combined with research and academic study has resulted in a successful formula.

A detailed digital marketing plan is essential. Coming from a professional sporting background, preparing for the season ahead was integral to success, planning would involve:

1. Analyzing the situation i.e. current position, where you are now and where you want to be and how you are going to get there
2. Who your allies are and what those alliances provide
3. Competitors, their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats
4. Goal setting, training and game objectives
5. Profiles of players and substitutes along with contingency plans and succession planning
6. Ensuring the team’s goals are inline with the clubs own franchise objectives, so the whole organization benefits from a consorted effort
7. Trialing options and ideas, new formulas and tactics, in both defense and attack
8. Motivational sessions, positive influence, goal congruency, encouraging thought leadership and team collaboration
9. Transparency amongst players and club teams
10. Working with different personalities, talents and limitations
11. Assessment of player / team risks and risk mitigation
12. Ensuing everyone in the team is happy
13. Constant assessment and measurement of results and objectives

Reviewing the index of my latest digital marketing plan, it’s noteworthy that I follow a replicated approach. Whether leading eCommerce, marketing and customer experience initiatives across digital channels while driving online category leadership for our brands or captaining a rugby side in elite competition, successful outcomes need the same approach in each discipline.

Skilled at writing digital plans, I start with the end goal and a shared vision of what success looks like to ensure what I create exceeds expectations. I consider all functions involved, the internal and external environment and then formulate what is possible and what’s right for the business.

I thought I would share the index of my latest digital marketing plan. I would value your opinion, is it too detailed? Is there too much information? Am I missing something that is essential to a digital plan or digital teams success?

I have some basic advice that I am happy to share that needs to be coupled with a marketing plan, digital or traditional:

• You won’t succeed today unless you become a listening brand
• Plan up to five years ahead, imagine your industry 10+ years from now, what does it look like, how does your business fit in?
• Hire people that compliment your weaknesses, acquire employees capable of doing your job, individuals that offer the business novel ideas and new ways of thinking
• Credit your team members for their effort and assign recognition to its original owner
• Go with your instinct and speak up, voice your opinion whenever possible
• Always ask yourself, what is best for the business?
• Incorporate the triple bottom line in your thinking, planning and execution
• Admit your mistakes quickly and address an immediate solution
• Although your plans are detailed and look years ahead, remain agile and prepare for change. In a digital world very little remains static so finding ideas and solutions that are effective today but continue to work tomorrow is critical
• Adopt a simple philosophy of consistently and rigorously asking yourself, how does this make our customers’ lives easier?
• Stand in your customers’ shoes, how would you like your hand held through the purchase funnel, the ‘new world’ purchase funnel
• Plan, plan and measure; and

I believe any manager can change the future of a business through leadership and have a positive effect on the culture and the vision of the organization. By ensuring individuals have the right job function and are empowered to be able to lead the business through change, whilst ensuring that the brand and the business feel comfortable with each step taken.

Here is my table of ‘contents’, let me know if you want me to post any more detail or information around the digital marketing plan.

Table of contents, page 1

Table of contents, page 2

Dominic Byrne

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