The secret sauce to successful web projects

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If you or your business are building an eCommerce website, an internal app, rolling out a CRM system, implementing an intranet or constructing a simple information website, then you need to know the secrets to success. Dominic has managed or been a stakeholder in multiple web projects from all sides; client, agency or consulting for seventeen years. Tune in for the successful ingredients to web project success.
Dominic Byrne Search Retargeting

Search retargeting – the new kid on the block

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Search retargeting, this is how it works; A consumer searches for products or services on a search engine, data is collected based on their keywords, identifying them as a customer prospect, the display network technology allows you to exhibit an ad to that consumer as they browse the Web, this allows the consumer to click on your ad and visit your website in relation to something that is already TOMA (top of mind), introducing them to your purchase funnel.

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